Welcome to RU Noted: Peer Note-taking Program


Do you need motivation to attend classes and take notes? Maybe you want to make money but don’t have extra time? Or perhaps you’re looking for a meaningful opportunity to make a positive impact? Sign up to be a Peer Note-taker


Spring/Summer 2022 Important Dates


ü  Application for Peer Note taker payment opens on AwardSpring: June 27, 2022

ü  Final day to apply for payment on AwardSpring: July 8, 2022

Benefits of being a Peer Note-taker

  • Develop and enhance your academic skills
  • Receive $200 per course if you are selected as a Peer Note-taker
  • Create an accessible learning community at Ryerson

How it works

  • Sign up to be a Peer Note-taker
  • Receive an email notification if selected to be a Peer Note-taker
  • Attend your classes and take notes
  • Upload your notes (word, pdf, jpeg)
  • Apply for payment at the end of the semester on AwardSpring


  • Willingness to provide notes you are taking in your own courses
  • Clear academic standing

Already Selected as a Peer Note-taker? 


Upload your notes by selecting the “courses/notes” tab above Thanks for making a positive impact on the Ryerson community!


Trying to get notes?


If you are registered with AAS and have note-taking as an enhanced support, you may have reached this page in error. Head over to the Get Notes page to find what you need.


Contact RU Noted


Email: runoted@ryerson.ca