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Welcome to RU Noted: Peer Note-taker Program

UPDATE: Ryerson University has announced that all courses will be delivered virtually or in alternate formats for the remainder of the Winter semester. All RU Noted timelines and expectations are still in effect. This page will continue to be updated in response to the current situation.

The peer note-taker payment application is now available! 

 To be considered for payment, all note-takers must complete the application on Ryerson's AwardSpring platform by April 10, 2020. See How to Apply for Payment on AwardSpring for detailed instructions.  

Winter 2020 Important Dates
March 20, 2020 Final day to sign up as a Peer Note-taker
March 27, 2020 Final day to be selected as a Peer Note-taker by a classmate
March 30, 2020 Payment application opens on Award Spring
April 10, 2020 Final day to apply for payment
May 15, 2020 Final day to report Winter 2020 payment issues to RU Noted

Do you need motivation to attend classes and take notes? Maybe you want to make money but don’t have extra time? Or perhaps you’re looking for a meaningful opportunity to make a positive impact?

Sign up to be a Peer Note-taker

Benefits of being a Peer Note-taker

  • Develop and enhance your academic skills
  • Receive $200 per course if you are selected as a Peer Note-taker
  • Create an accessible learning community at Ryerson

How it works

  • Sign up to be a Peer Note-taker
  • Receive an email notification if selected by a classmate to be a Peer Note-taker
  • Attend your classes and take notes (we know, you already do)
  • Upload your notes - takes less than 2 minutes (in word, pdf, jpeg -- we accept photos)
  • Apply for payment at the end of the semester on Award Spring


  • Willingness to provide notes you are taking in your own courses
  • Clear academic standing

Already Selected as a Peer Note-taker? 

Upload your notes by selecting the “courses/notes” tab above Thanks for making a positive impact on the Ryerson community! If you require instructions for uploading notes or have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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*Trying to get notes? If you are registered with AAS and have note-taking as an enhanced support, you may have reached this page in error. Head over to the Get Notes page to find what you need.

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