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RU Noted: Peer Note-taker Program

RU Noted is a peer note-taking program offered through Academic Accommodation Support. Fostering a collaborative learning community between students with disabilities and Peer Note-takers, RU Noted supports learners of all abilities reach their academic goals. Access to the RU Noted Program is available only if you are registered with Ryerson’s Academic Accommodation Support and have peer note-taking approved as an enhanced service.  

Fall 2020 Update:

Due to COVID-19, Fall 2020 courses will be held online. RU Noted is currently providing notes for courses that have a "live"/real time component (eg. live streamed lecture content).

For Fall 2020, students will be assigned an available note-taker for qualifying courses and cannot select their own. This allows RU Noted to provide the most efficient and effective support for students in an online learning environment.

You should NOT request notes for courses that:

  1. Post all learning materials online
  2. Post lecture videos online that you can pause and refer to anytime

You should request notes for courses that:

  1. Have "live"/real time components (eg. live streamed lectures)
  2. Share information that cannot be accessed unless you are present (virtually) at a specific date/time


Please Remember:

RU Noted services are not guaranteed for all students, though we work hard to match you with reliable note-takers throughout the semester. As a member of the RU Noted community, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Download course notes regularly and save to your computer or other storage space
  2. Stay in contact with RU Noted staff -- and please communicate respectfully

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You can also request note-takers and get notes by selecting the “courses/notes” tab above.

For any questions about accommodations or note-taking alternatives, please be in touch with your Student Accommodation Facilitator.

*Trying to share notes? Head over to the Peer Note-taker page to find what you need.